Upcoming in March: Beer Tasting inspired by International Women’s Day 2024

International Women’s Day 2024

Let’s celebrate the achievements of women working in beer with this special beer tasting, hosted by local beer sommelier Carien.

You’ll get tasters of four different beers, all made by women. With these beer tastings you’ll get some tasty paired fingerfood (like cheese/chocolate etc.)

During the beer tasting Carien will tell you all about the beers  and their brewsters, dished up together with loads of interesting facts about women in beer throughout history.

Join and raise a glass with us to all the amazing women around the world! 

Dates: Friday March 8 at 6 pm and Saturday March 9 at 8 pm.

Tickets as usual on Billetweb. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer or have a Hoppiness Brussels gift card, please email us.

New beer tastings: Apero Zero

100% fun, 100% taste and 0% alcohol

Are you starting 2024 with Dry January or Tournee Minerale?

Are you worried you’ll miss out on the fun or not able to keep up the good intentions?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered!

Hoppiness Brussels is organising Apero Zero, a craft beer event without alcohol. We promise 100% fun, 100% taste and 0% alcohol.

Discover the best alcohol free beers in different beer styles and enjoy a great evening out. You deserve it!


  • Guided beer tasting at Hoppiness Brussels
  • Four craft beer tastings (max. 0.5 % alcohol)
  • Finger food pairing with each beer
  • Lots of info about beer, brewing and breweries

Dates can be adjusted based on your interest. If you prefer a different date in January or February, please message us. 

More information and tickets on Billetweb. You may also always email me to book your tickets at info @hoppiness.brussels

Summer Beer Tasting & Pub Quiz

Summer Beer Tasting & Pub Quiz at Hoppiness Brussels

Let’s celebrate the start of summer holidays with an epic summer beer tasting.
Beer sommelier Carien will select four thirst quenching beers and pair them with surprising finger food. And to make this evening even better, we are doing a pub quiz. Winner takes home a great beer prize!
Hoppiness Brussels will make sure your summer starts with a blast!
This event will take place in the cozy private tasting room of Hoppiness Brussels.
Table water and bread/ bread sticks will be available during the tasting. Your host will introduce all the beers and their breweries and talk more about beer, brewing and the Belgian beer culture. Beer related questions are very welcome.

Tickets: 25 euro per person
Bookings via google form: https://forms.gle/sWcTfzsW7oBmg1Bh9 

And on eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hoppiness-summer-beer-tasting-pub-quiz-tickets-670619349527

Next dates for our combo-tour with Tipsy Tribe

Next dates for our tour with Brewstillery Tipsy Tribe

Thursday 6th of July at 6 pm (nearly sold out)

Thursday 24th of August at 6 pm (Belgium Beer Week edition)

Join us for a tour and tasting experience with Tipsy Tribe Brewery & Distillery and Hoppiness Brussels!

At Tipsy Tribe – the first and only brewstillery in Brussels – you’ll receive an exclusive tour led by one of the co-founders. Discover the intricate process behind brewing and distilling, and taste two of their craft beers and one of their craft spirits.

Just a 5 min walk away, you’ll find the inviting Hoppiness Brussels tasting room, where beer sommelier Carien will be your gracious host. Experience a selection of three local craft beers, thoughtfully paired with finger foods such as cheese or chocolate. As you indulge in these flavorsome offerings, Carien will share fascinating stories about the multitude of breweries that are contributing to rich craft beer scene in Brussels.

Price: 35 euro per person, comprising the brewstillery tour + 5 beer tastings + 1 spirit tasting.

Booking: https://www.billetweb.fr/brewstillery-tour-local-beer…

Start Location: Tipsy Tribe Brewstillery, Chaussée de Jette 374, 1081 Brussels (walking distance from Simonis/ Elisabeth metro)

Minimum age: 18 years

Beer tasting workshop

This weekend we did a beer tasting workshop. With a lovely small group we tasted beers blindly, judged them and were completely surprised by the winners. We played with macerated flavours and discovered how easily a cassis flavour masks a not-so-great-beer. And we paired several cheeses and chocolates with different beers to see what we liked best. A great way of playing with beer and flavours. I will definitely organise this again.

Beer Tasting & Flavour Workshop

Special “Beer Tasting & Flavour workshop” at Hoppiness Brussels

Beer sommelier Carien will be hosting an exciting beer tasting and flavour workshop in which we will experience beer tasting in a different way.What does this mean?
– We will do two blind beer tastings of two different beer styles to discover flavours without prejudice
– We will add different spices and macerated flavours to our beers to experiment and discover our sensitivity to several flavours
– We will discover what a slight temperature difference does with beer
– We will taste different cheeses and chocolates and pair them with several beers to decide what works best and why

Tickets: 40 euro per person
Max. 10 persons for this event so tickets are limitedBeer, cheese and chocolate included as well as tasting sheets.

Book here on google forms

New dates for 2023 for our GOING LOCAL in BRUSSELS tour!

New dates for 2023 for our GOING LOCAL in BRUSSELS tour!

Going local in Brussels with Tipsy Tribe Brewstillery & Hoppiness Brussels

Join us for this fantastic local craft beer combo! 
First you will have an exclusive tour of Tipsy Tribe – the hottest new nano brewery/distillery in town! You’ll get get too see where and how they make beer and also get to taste two of their beers and a shot of their craft vodka.

Next, we’ll take a short walk to the Hoppiness Brussels tasting room where you will be hosted by beer sommelier Carien and talk some more about the many Brussels breweries and taste three different local beers paired with delicious finger food (think cheese or chocolate)…

New dates:

Friday the 20th of January 2023 at 6 pm

Friday the 17th of February 2023 at 6 pm

Minimum age: 16 years. (This will be checked on arrival.) 

Start Location: Brewstillery Tipsy Tribe , Chausse de Jette 374 Koekelberg
Price 35 euro per person

To get the best price for this event, book with us by filling in this google form.

Last Hoppiness Christmas & Winter Beer Tasting of 2022

Hoppiness Christmas & Winter Beer Tasting

Last one of 2022!
Don’t miss it 

Hoppiness Brussels will do a special beertasting event with only autumn/winter & Christmas beers!
Beer sommelier Carien will host a tasting of four of these special seasonal beers and each of them will be paired with some delicious fingerfood (like cheese, chocolate etc.) While we enjoy the tasting we will talk more about the beers, the breweries and beer styles. Fun guaranteed!

BONUS: –> Dress in your most original/funniest/ugliest Xmas sweater and get a tasty beer to take home! 

Price: 25 euro per person
Our Booking Form on google: https://forms.gle/Trhc7TLmVihqWqMc6

Gift vouchers are back!

The festive season is upon us and this calls for original gift ideas…

Well, here at Hoppiness Brussels we know the perfect gift!

—> A voucher for a private beer tasting <—

We’ll make a beautiful personalised voucher adjusted to your wishes. The beertasting will include 4 beer tastings paired with delicious fingerfood like cheese and chocolate. Beer sommelier Carien will tell you more about the beers, their breweries and of course about beer brewing itself. The beer tasting will be personalised as well, so on booking you can stipulate your preferences for beer styles and those will be taking into account.


  • 120 euro for a private tasting for 4 people
  • 150 euro for a private tasting for 6 people
  • 200 euro for a private tasting for 8 people
  • 250 euro for a private tasting for 10 people

For those who want to collect the voucher in Jette before the end of 2022, I will add a nice gift wrapping including a christmas beer to make it even more special. For those who prefer to receive the personalised voucher by email, I will make sure the receiver of the voucher gets a special beer to take home after the event.

The voucher for a private beertasting will be valid all through 2023 and will take place at the Hoppiness Tasting Room in Avenue de Jette. To book your event just email and we will find a date when Hoppiness will host your beer tasting.

To order your perfect personalised gift mail Carien at info@hoppiness.brussels

What a great tour it was!

What a great combotour it was last night!🤩
We explored brewing and distilling with Dan, the head brewer of @tipsytribebxl and tasted their delicious brews.
Then we went to the #Hoppiness#Brussels tasting room where we had three great local beers paired with some yummy finger food.
How lucky we are to live in this city with so many great local breweries! 👌🍻