Beer tasting options:

  • Beer tasting at the Hoppiness Tasting Room in Brussels. Location is near metro Simonis/ Elisabeth and tramstop Broustin (tram 9 /19). Very easy to reach by public transport.  I accept bookings for 4-15 people.
  • Custom events Our beer tastings can be combined with many other options. We can bring in an art professional for instance for a beer and art combo like painting, collage making or beer label design.
  • Beer sommelier / beer guide for hire. We can come to your event and talk about beer. We can help you choosing the right craft beers for your event or for your menu. But you can also book us as a private beer guide in Brussels.

Options for companies:

  • The Hoppiness tasting room can be booked for a (formal) business meeting or brain storm session first if you book a tasting event with us. Coffee/ tea & catering options are on request. Once your meeting is done Hoppiness will host a private beer tasting.
  • Beer tasting event for employees, colleagues or business relations . Treat your guests to a great afternoon or evening out.
  • Book our exclusive local combo-tour with Brewstillery Tipsy Tribe. A private tour at the brewery by the brewer, a tasting of 2 of their craft beers and one spirit tasting, followed by a beer tasting of 3 local craft beers paired with cheese and chocolate at the Hoppiness beer tasting room.
  • Beer tasting event at your company. Alcoholfree options also possible.
  • For all these options: Send an email to get a quote, we will phone or email you asap for more information.

Options for families/ groups of friends:

Are you looking for a nice get-together with several families? Hoppiness can host an informal beer tasting event where you can bring your children. We can even organise a tasting of non-alcoholic drinks for older children. (Alcohol will never be served to anyone under 16!) Just email us with the details of your group and your wishes and we will make a plan.

Hoppiness currently offers the following craft beer tastings:

  • Beers from the Brussels metropolitan area
  • Ladies in B=beer (this beer tasting will be about women in the beer business)
  • Belgian craft beers (different styles, different regions)
  • Dutch craft beers
  • A combination of Dutch and Belgian craft beers
  • Custom tastings by request (send an email of what kind of styles/regions etc. you are interested in)

The beers will be paired with cheese or chocolate. Water and bread or breadsticks are also provided during a tasting. (allergies can be taken into account if Hoppiness is notified during the time of booking.)

Our advice: eat well before a beer tasting 🙂

Non-alcoholic craft beer tastings

If you book for 5 or more people, it is possible to request a separate beer tasting of non-alcoholic beers. (for example for a driver / someone who can’t or won’t drink alcohol)


It is possible to bring your young children to a private tasting. All this must be arranged upfront so I can make sure there are some age appropriate facilities/ toys /snacks/drinks present. A small fee will apply per child. Please note that your children will be in the same room as the beer tasting and that you will have to watch your own children during the tasting. No alcohol shall be served to anyone under the age of 18. It is possible to include children in the cheese/ chocolate tastings for a fee.

Health and hygiene

  • Under current measures, masks are no longer needed
  • On entry of the Hoppiness tasting room everyone will first wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer
  • When possible the sliding doors in the Hoppiness tasting room will remain open for fresh air
  • Before and after each tasting the room will be cleaned and aired thoroughly


  • All bookings must be paid in advance by bank transfer.
  • Your booking is final 72 hours before the starting time. No refunds are given after that day.
  • If you have a valid reason to postpone (sickness/emergency/ travel issues etc.) a beer tasting in the 72 hours before your booked date, we will reschedule your beer tasting. When we can reschedule within a week there are no extra costs. If we have to reschedule for more than a week later, we will add a rescheduling fee . Your beers will keep, but the fresh cheese and chocolate I buy for your group will not.
  • Please inform me upfront of any allergies in your group. This is important for the snacks that will be provided. Also, if you are allergic to rabbits, I will make sure they will not be in the tasting room on the day of your visit.
  • The minimum drinking age in Belgium is 16. On entry I will always check your ID-card to make sure you are of legal drinking age. If you can’t provide a valid ID the tasting will not happen. In this case there is no refund.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the Hoppiness tasting room or in the garden
In case of severe rudeness, racism, violence or other unpleasant misbehaviour during our beer tastings, Hoppiness is in its right to end the tasting without refunds. We receive you as a guest in our house and we expect guests to behave with respect and like they want to come back.
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