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Enjoying time in Brussels this summer? 

Make your stay even more memorable with an exclusive beer tasting by local beer sommelier Carien in her cozy private tasting room!

You can now easily book a day and timeslot, right here.

Included in your ticket is a beertasting of 4 Belgian craft beers, each with a small foodpairing like cheese or chocolate. During the tasting Carien will introduce the beers, the breweries and the pairings, but also talk more about beer styles, beer culture and brewing. Questions about beer are very welcome.

You can book a group ticket for 4, 6 or 8 persons. If you are more than 8,  just secure a groupticket for 8 for your timeslot and contact me so we can arrrange for the rest. We can receive a maximum of 15 persons.

After booking your ticket we will contact you by email to see if you have any special wishes regarding the beer tasting and/ or if there are any allergies in your group.

Alcoholfree craft beers for one or more in your group are always possible, as long as we are informed in advance. 

It’s also possible to bring children from the age of 7.  From that age we arrange them a matching tasting, with organic drinks, so they can participate in the tasting too. 

No beer will be served to anyone under the age of 18. We may ask for proof of age when in doubt. 

If you want for a different date or timeslot feel free to message us so we can see what we can arrange!

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