Opening Brasserie Taymans

Jette has a brewery again! Brasserie Taymans had a grand opening day on Saturday the 11th of March. The original brewery, named the Brasserie-Malterie Taymans, was started over 100 years ago. A warehouse was built for maturing Lambic in 1906 and the Brewhouse was ready in 1911 on the other side of the street (Rue Van Huyneghem), just next to what is known today as the Park Garcet.

The main market was in Brussels, and the brewery survived despite going through very challenging times such as both world wars. Pierre Taymans took over the brewery in 1936 and continued the operations despite the limited development options authorized to him on the site. 

The brewery ceased operations in 1970 at the retirement of our grandfather, Pierre Taymans and the main buildings took a new life. The family house and adjacent brewhouse were transformed into a youth center welcoming local youth for many years before making way later for an extension of the Park and adjoining school. Now six grandchildren, all brothers, have restarted the brewery and I was happy to be part of the opening day and show people around the brewery.

More information on their website.

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