Festive Beer tasting

Let’s start 2023 with a Festive Beer Tasting!

This ‘Festive Beer Tasting’ will feature specific craft beers that are perfect to share and to serve at festive events, like a champagne beer (brut beer).Our beer tastings take approximately 2 hours and consist of 4 different craft beer tastings paired with delicious fingerfood (think cheese/ chocolate.) It wil be hosted by beer sommelier Carien of Hoppiness Brussels in her private beer tasting room.


Friday 13 Jan at 8 pm

Saturday 21 Jan at 8 pm

Dress code: festive
Best outfit wins a beer prize!
25 euro per person
link to book: https://forms.gle/FEjFENsEu6tM2UGA9
(google form)

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